Tuesday, July 28

Rogers Choppers in Japan

Emailed me about some finned sand cast split shovelhead rocker boxes.. Look at them, They are great!!! I guess you tap the bottom for the rocker lines but it might be cool to come from the back. Check them out here!!!! http://www.rogerchoppers.com/


Throwback said...

This is unreal and I'll tell you why. My name is Josh and I live in Santa Clara, Ca and a bout a year ago I had this same idea( finned shovel rocker boxes)although slightly diffrent. I'm a little behind this guy on production but where getting real close. Ive been selling Risers for the past 2 years under the the name THROWBACKMOTORCYCLES and plan on introducing the boxes as soon as we can. Its a trip that an ocean away someone was onto the same thing and there actually doing it.
Check out my webstore here.


Anonymous said...

you didnt tell why those rocker box is unreal.