Wednesday, December 29

Tuesday, November 2

Friday, October 15

I'm ahead of all you!!!

Wednesday, September 8

Big Phil & Me!!!!

Off on a adventure!!!!

Tuesday, September 7

Long Beach was on!!!

Such a fun time @ the long beach cycle swap. i have tons of pics. Couple of Japanese guys bought the tank with the scorpion on in it as soon as i walked in the door.. Big Scott from Cycle Zombies was a cool dude too boot. I met Harpoon and talked with Scott Craig. Everyone was in the davenport mood which i can't blame them but Hell, I was in heaven @ Long Beach...

Thursday, August 26

Tuesday, August 24

Goin back to CALI! Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

Looking for stuff to do while in Cali, I'm going to swap meet Long Beach but what else going on?

Wednesday, August 4

winter time magnacharger blower project!!!!

I asked my self what could i add to my bike to put it over the top and i said magnacharger... Well i searched & searched and i finally found one. It doesn't have the right angle drive that you saw
in the 80's but that's okay.... i'll have to mount it like Alen Ness's untouchable...
Now i have to find me another SU carb...

Tuesday, August 3

Monday, June 14

Sunday, February 28


Friday, February 26

Our home....

Puts it all into perspective for me.....

Lamb Chops!

Taco Time!

Red Seats!


Not sure where i picked this photo up... sorry for not giving the cred....

Working on a new logo!!

going at it again....

Egyptian stuff fascinates me!




New techniques

Always searching for something new...

Pearls & Flakes


More stuff from my library

Monday, February 8

Stuff & Roll!!!!

David from freedom upholstery hooking my seat up with hand stuffed tuck & roll and some diamonds... Totally custom biotches!!!!!!