Wednesday, November 2

new blog

hey i'm in the process of creating anew blog dedicated to murano pearl.. i will be populating it and posting pictures of my stash and other peoples stash with history about this wonderful pearl paste banned now...

Mini Zakk Wilde - Halloween

Wednesday, October 12

Thursday, April 21

Monday, February 28

Bob Ross and Bill Alexander

Bill Alexander taught Bob Ross the Wet on Wet technique.

Thursday, February 24



Monday, February 7


Sunday, February 6

My Take

Here is my take on Alan Stubbing's bike. I'll cut the frontend for stock rake , 19 on the front, FXR backend, chrome progressive shocks , perewitz rear fxr fender treatment, small drag bars, big inch show polished evo, I can't wait!

Early Horst

New Brushes

Saturday, January 29

Friday, January 28

My pinstiping skillz sux

I haven't pinstriped anything in about 6 months.. this was first try since then.. i need to pull a little more to get my chops back. I was just messing around with my airbrush.. i made a galaxy...

Tuesday, January 25

Swap Meet Special

The possibilities are endless when it's in Primer! Going to Austin for a swap meet this weekend.. I'm going to make a little cash...

Tuesday, January 18

San Dimas!!!

My 8 year old playing scales. He like the San Dimas Psycho Swirl!! One of my all time favorites...

Magnacharger MP40


I love the Alan's bike. As much as i love painting, I'm still building too.


Bob Ross - Wet on Wet

Lavallee Pictorial Brushes

Who knew the world famous airbrusher was a landscape and animal painter????
I've been experimenting with different mixed media techniques for motorcycle tanks. I just ordered some of these. I can't wait to paint with them...

Friday, January 14

Stormy Seas

Thursday, January 13

Wet on Wet!

Bob Ross! Get some...


It's all about how you use it... This is done with a .3 tip ... My Micron has a .23...

MagnaCharger Instructions..

Need Some Magnacharger Instructions? I know there are some blower people out there.. Send me an email and i will send you the PDF or click the pic and save... You're welcome...

Tuesday, January 11

Raul Mondesi

I went to a Dodgers game in LA a couple months ago. Raul Mondesi was one of my favorite players when i was playing. I was walking around the stadium and saw this. Shortly thereafter i spoke to Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains and also Duff from Guns and Roses. Pretty cool talking to those dudes.. Anyways... Here is Raul Mondesi with the Sweetest pair of Rawlings Pro issue batting gloves. My son wears the all white pair...

Friday, January 7

Some Iwata Kustom's!

I love mine... Sometimes i hate cleaning a big gun for 2oz of paint. so the the TH comes into play... Nothing else to say about my Micron.. I'll post my CS on Monday...

Thursday, January 6

Background People...

Just cruisin around the internet and found pics of the Rats hole show i was in... I found some pics from the barnett website...Look who is in the frisco sweatshirt? ME!!! too funny!!! Big Phil, my brother is standing next to me with the DC shirt on... How funny!!!

Wednesday, January 5

Thinking about the garage I'm sure...

Paint Randomness

Both of my Iwata's out... Some like SATA.. I'm an Iwata guy...

Big Jake

My son Jake, has taken an interest in painting @ age 8. I haven't asked him to try and do it but he just grabbed an old sportster tank and started tapin a design. He says he wants to keep his very first one so he can go back and look at it when he grows up. Maybe that means he wants to be a custom painter? I hope not... He needs to stick to baseball...

arlington Swap Meet hangin'

Had a fun time @ the swap meet in Arlington. Talked with a bunch of friends that i see at every swap meet. I didn't take much, just some things i had lying around. Below is my table...

Monday, January 3

More Murano!

Steve Reid,
Sent me some pics from the Bay Area... He and his friends like Jeff McCann love murano too. Pics courtesy of Steve Reid!