Wednesday, December 9

Love the pearls...

Murano paste Pearl!!! OG

The best shit and the rarest!!! now you know...

Friday, October 23

Ultraviolet Spectrum

For all you painters that like doing candy transition fades or pearl fades for that matter... Take two colors and go which ever way you want...

Thursday, September 10

Kubota Slugger Japan

I haven't updated my blog in a while. Fall Baseball season is here! There is onlyone more thing i love collecting other than motorcycle parts and it's baseball gloves... Here is the one i've been dreaming of.. The Kubota Slugger from Japan! So beautiful....

Check them out here:

Monday, August 3

Inspirational Shovel from '88

What's not to love on this shovel!

Flanders bars
triumph risers
rickman front end
smiths speedo
ribbed fender
Sporty tank

Saturday, August 1

Going' Camping!

Going Camping this weekend! Congrats to Chopcult for going live. Looking forward to posting some more pics fo ya...

Tuesday, July 28

Rogers Choppers in Japan

Emailed me about some finned sand cast split shovelhead rocker boxes.. Look at them, They are great!!! I guess you tap the bottom for the rocker lines but it might be cool to come from the back. Check them out here!!!!

Thursday, July 2

bullet lights...

I'm looking for a pair!

email me...

Friday, June 19

Fun Times!

This was fun just to stand back and see what i have created!
I was 50% done at the time...

Monday, June 15

Buds Cycles in Austin Texas Swapmeet ROT Rally weekend!

Does anybody know the guy who bought the White Panhead frame Servicar trike roller?

Well tell him he is a dickhead & he can eat shit!

I simply asked you how much you paid for it and apparently it was a big fucking secret! Why was it such a big deal you couldn't tell me? I don't get it! I scored bigger than you this weekend from Buds in Austin i promise you...

Thursday, May 21

Old pics!

Old crappy cellphone pics before i evened the exhaust and changed the exhaust mount and cut the tips...
It was proud moment making pipes,

Sit and Stare,
Sit and Stare,
Sit and Stare,
Sit and Stare,
over and over until i was finished...

Friday, May 1


I HATE the new ebay motors!!! i can't search shit and it sucks trying to weed out the American parts and searching in current results blows hard!! Anyways...


Wednesday, April 22

Spotted on the highway yesterday... Those poor shocks!!!!

Friday, April 17


Anybody reading this post in the Dallas area that can help me cut up this servicar that i bought the other day? I pretty much have everything to mock up the roller but no frame type jig to stretch and rake the frame... Sooo somebody in the DFW area, hit me up....

Here is my inspiration, i'm going a different route than most...

Thursday, March 26


Tuesday, March 24


My 7 year old son Jacob was going for Japan all the way! It was our first dad vs. son rival match when USA played Japan Sunday night. Then i took Korea over Japan... He beat me...
Congrats to the Japanese baseball team!

Monday, March 16

Here's the first incarnation of the "Mindblower" by Kelsey Martin that you posted. Notice the original paintjob, and lack of Judson supercharger... "Long Gone". This bike is the pinnacle of Triumph customs
John (CycleDelic Cycles)

John, thank you for the pic. I have never seen this one before. If i close my eyes and think chopper this bike comes to mind. I posted the mindblower in one of my first blog posts ever. I guess the natural progression was the supercharger and signature ribbon paintjob it was already a mindblower. Man that bike is sweet! -Junior

Friday, March 13

Monday, March 2


Thursday, February 26

Clam shells and ancanthus leaves from the guy who carved my vulture. I thought this would look good in gold leaf changed up a little and on the back of a fender.

Monday, February 2

Alex from italy

Thursday, January 8

Wednesday, January 7

my funk!!!!

The Arlington swap meet got me out of it... 150.00 for every easyrider issue from 1975-2004.. It even came with issues 1-5 and some from 73, & 74.. Plus the most of them are bound or came in a box... I'm cured...

Tuesday, January 6

I've been seriously uninspired with motorycles for a few months.

But thanks to the Arlington Swap meet, my juices have been flowing again. Rick Doss style bikes from the early to mid 80's is where it is at right now in my mind... I smell a new rolling chassis soon!!!