Wednesday, October 1


luke said...

any chance you'd be willing to spill the beans on what kinda light this is? thanks.

harshed mellow (chortle) said...

i'll tell you what kind of light this is.
it's the kind that would have been pretty fucking sweet on my bike, and i fucking fell in love with it the moment i saw it on fucking ebay and bidsnipered the fuck out of it for what i considered to be a shitload of money.
i guess somebody else loved it more than i fucking did to the tune of a couple hundred bucks.
isure hope they run the fucking thing and dont horde it in some fucking cardboard fucking box for ever 'cause i would have fucking RUN THE FUCKER ON MY ONE FUCKING CHOPPER THAT I OWN IN THE SHITTY WORLD. NOT MY THIRTY BIKES ALL SHOW QUALITY THAT SIT AND ROT IN MY "GARAGE".
not that i'm bitter or anything.
god bless you all.

Chico said...

great blog. i really enjoy looking at all the neat stuff.

those lights are bitchin. i keep bidding on those on ebay,they go for alot of greenbacks.