Thursday, July 9

wildest dreams 3 and 4

what a life!

Wednesday, November 2

new blog

hey i'm in the process of creating anew blog dedicated to murano pearl.. i will be populating it and posting pictures of my stash and other peoples stash with history about this wonderful pearl paste banned now...

Mini Zakk Wilde - Halloween

Wednesday, October 12

Thursday, April 21

Monday, February 28

Bob Ross and Bill Alexander

Bill Alexander taught Bob Ross the Wet on Wet technique.

Thursday, February 24



Monday, February 7


Sunday, February 6

My Take

Here is my take on Alan Stubbing's bike. I'll cut the frontend for stock rake , 19 on the front, FXR backend, chrome progressive shocks , perewitz rear fxr fender treatment, small drag bars, big inch show polished evo, I can't wait!

Early Horst

New Brushes